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In an ever-confusing sea of options for elective facial rejuvenation, Dr. Smythe Rich carefully listens, evaluates, and recommends the WhisperLift for you. Whether you are a 45 year old who is looking for just a slight touchup or somewhat older ready to take back the look you want in the mirror. Each patient is personally counseled, discussing the full range of options. A customized plan for lifting the lower face and loose neck skin may be blended with brow lifting or eyelid improvement. Specializing in facial surgery since 1990, Dr. Rich offers newer techniques of lifting upward instead of simply pulling the skin back towards the ear. This provides a more natural, less pulled, look. His technique is a refinement of advances in Europe and the US over the last 10 years that is less invasive, a shorter recovery, and enjoys lasting results.

Dr. Rich is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is on staff at area hospitals. He has been asked to teach innovative techniques in facial plastic surgery across the US. His beautiful facility was recently completed in the Historic District of Columbia.

He is the first board certified facial plastic surgeon practicing in Columbia with the experience and commitment to safety necessary for consistent successful outcomes in plastic surgery.

Dr. Rich has lectured on advanced techniques in facial plastic surgery throughout the US and Canada. He was one of the first physicians selected to be part of the national faculty for injectable fillers and Botox. He is currently serving on several physician advisory boards for developing newer and innovative minimally-invasive techniques just now receiving FDA approval (see ACI and GFX for brow wrinkles.)

Safety in plastic surgery is a trust placed by patients in their doctors and where they practice their craft. Seeking state-of-the-art, safe and affordable operating facilities in the midlands, Dr. Rich drew together surgeons to establish the Palmetto Surgery center in 2000—a federally accredited facility, staffed by board certified anesthesiologists, where the highest standards of care and compassion are met.

The philosophy of specialization is readily apparent to today’s cosmetic consumer. Study and practice limited to a single, although complex, area must yield safe, consistent and outstanding results.

The opportunity to help others presents itself through working with dedicated teams traveling to Turkey, Kenya, El Salvador, and Honduras. Dr. Rich encourages financial support to the sponsoring organizations: Samaritan’s Purse (, Operation Smile (, and IRC (

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Dr. Rich offers complete facial rejuvenation services.

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Columbia facial plastic surgeon Smythe Rich specializes in a variety of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery techniques at his office in South Carolina. These include laser hair removal, photo facial rejuvenation, cosmetic injections (Restylane, Botox, Radiesse, Collagen and Juvederm), facelift surgery, browlift surgery and rhinoplasty. Visit the Columbia practice of Dr. Rich to learn more about these procedures.

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